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Diamond Polishing Brushes

Our Couture Diamond Polishing Brush is engineered with diamond-filled cellulose filaments that change from hard (when dry) to ultra-soft through water absorption. Filaments remain firm when dry for more aggressive polishing. When wet, the soft filaments allow the brush to adapt to tooth surface structure and release diamond particles, significantly increasing polishing performance. Gentle to soft tissue, enabling polishing right to the gingival margin, safe even when lapping onto the gingiva. Designed for use in handpieces at low speeds with minimal pressure. Stable plastic mandrel for latch-type, contra-angle handpieces. Faster and better polishing results on all composites, especially hard-filler composite resins such as the newest nano composites.

  • Diamond Polishing Brushes (6 pk) (Ref# 390006) $69.95

  • Indications for Use:
  • Final high-gloss polishing of all esthetic restorations
  • Maintenance of existing restorations
  • For both concave and convex morphologies

Single-use (due to water and debris absorption). Adjust water spray when using brush from hard to ultra-soft.  Apply light force, not exceeding 0.5 lbs (2N) of pressure.  Use brush at low-speeds (5,000 rpm) in handpieces.

Highly-loaded with ultrafine diamond particles for superior finished surfaces

Clinical Use

Tooth Surface Under Magnification


What is unique about these diamond polishing brushes?

Couture Diamond Polishing Brush is made of diamond-filled cellulose filaments that change from hard to ultra-soft through water absorption. Filaments get stiff when dry for aggressive polishing. Filaments get soft and release diamond particles when absorbing water. Soft filaments allow brush to adapt to tooth surface structure and significantly increase polishing performance compared to other polishing brushes.

Can these brushes be used with high-speed handpieces?

No, it is recommended to use these polishers at low-speeds (5,000 rpm maximum) in handpieces.

Are these brushes autoclavable and reusable?

No, it is recommended for single use and not re-use, due to water absorption, debris, and filament deformation. Additional sterilization cycles may also change the plastic structure and increase the risk of fracture of the shaft.

Do I need to use polishing paste with these brushes?

No, these brushes are designed for one-step high-gloss polishing without paste.

Are there any potential tissue trauma concerns with using these brushes?

No, when wet and softened, these brushes have low vibration and are atraumatic to the soft tissues, making it safe for use even when lapping onto gingivae.


1Use Couture Diamond Polishing Brush after pre-polishing with rotary diamond instruments (15μm yellow).

2Use Couture Diamond Polishing Brush on the dental surface starting with hard filaments for 15 seconds under light pressure (0.5 LBS/2 N) and low speed (5000 RPM).

3Subsequently add water spray for few seconds.

4The stiffness of the filaments gradually change to ultra soft. Adjust spray if there is too much water.

5Continue polishing at low speed for about 15 seconds more without pressure, with only light wiping movements to achieve final high gloss.

6Apply Couture Diamond Polishing Brush without paste.

7Single use (due to water and debris absorption, deformation).

8Couture Diamond Polishing Brush can be safely disposed as it is made entirely of recyclable materials.

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