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Diamond-Coated Strips for Proximal Finishing and Polishing

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Diamond GripStrip - Interproximal Finishing & Polishing Strips

GripStrip Finishing and Polishing Strips are diamond-coated to provide precision finishing and polishing for restorations in proximal areas. Because our strips contain two working areas of different grit sizes – a coarser grit for stripping and removing material, and a finer grit for polishing – you can finish and polish with only one strip… making interproximal finishing faster and easier! Autoclavable and reusable.

  • GripStrip Fine (12 pk) (Ref# 860012) $135.95
  • GripStrip Medium (12 pk) (Ref# 860010) $135.95
  • GripStrip Medium Mini (12 pk) (Ref# 860014) $135.95
  • GripStrip Coarse (12 pk) (Ref# 860011) $135.95
  • GripStrip Assorted (12 pk) (Ref# 860013) $135.95

Use GripStrip to contour and bevel, or to remove excess material and overhangs in filling surfaces and crown borders. Strong yet flexible, GripStrip reaches curved surfaces without breaking. A "free middle zone," which is uncoated and contains no grit, helps you get between spaces to your designated contact point on the restoration. Wide, perforated ends allow for a secure, ergonomic grip. And because it's autoclavable, GripStrip saves you money.

  • Gripstrip Features:
  • Ideal for smoothing, contouring, finishing and trimming proximal, incisal and interproximal areas
  • Diamond-coated stainless steel metal strips
  • Finishing and polishing in one step with two, color-coded working areas with different grit sizes
  • Unique "free middle zone " to easily reach contact point
  • Ergonomically designed handles help you pull through tight contact areas
  • Our "Coarse" strips features a perforated design that provides flexibility, prevents chattering on the tooth surface and reduces friction for ease of sliding between teeth
  • Autoclavable
  • Available in boxes containing 12 diamond-coated strips

Each GripStrip diamond-coated strip has two grit sizes:

  • Fine: (for fine reduction and polishing)
  • Finishing (yellow end): 15 μm
  • Polishing (orange end): 8 μm
  • Medium: (for moderate reduction)
  • Finishing (red end): 40 μm
  • Polishing (yellow end): 15 μm
  • Medium Mini: (for moderate reduction, reduced length for easier handling)
  • Finishing (red end): 40 μm
  • Polishing (yellow end): 15 μm
  • Coarse: (for substantial reduction)
  • Finishing (blue end): 80 μm
  • Polishing (red end): 40 μm

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Highly-loaded with ultrafine diamond particles for superior finished surfaces

Clinical Use


What is unique about GripStrip?

Finishing and polishing in one step with two working areas of different diamond-coated grit sizes on each strip - a coarser grit for stripping and removing material and a finer grit for polishing.

What are the primary indications of use for GripStrips?

Finishing and polishing of fillings and crown borders in interproximal areas. Removal of excess materials and overhangs in fillings and crown borders. Beveling in adhesive restorations in cervical proximal areas. For specific indications of use for each strip, please refer to instructions (table).

How many varieties of GripStrip are there?

There are 4 individual varieties of GripStrip with different grit sizes on each strip (coarse, medium, medium mini, fine) and an assorted pack.

Why do GripStrips have tabs (handles) on each end?

These tabs (handles) are ergonomically designed for better grip to help you pull through contacts.

Why is there an uncoated (non-diamond grit coated) area in the middle of each strip?

This "free middle area" is uncoated and contains no grit to allow you to easily slide through contacts.

Can I use GripStrips to break contacts?

No, it is not appropriate or recommended to use GripStrips for breaking contacts given they are made of thinner, stainless-steel material. For breaking contacts, you can use Centrix ProxiDiscs.

What is the difference between GripStrip Medium and GripStrip Medium Mini?

Both are designed for same indications of use with same grit sizes. GripStrip Medium Mini is a new addition to the product line as an alternative shorter, reduced length version (55 mm) of GripStrip Medium (80 mm) if needed for easier handling and better control.

Why does GripStrip Coarse have a perforated design?

GripStrip Coarse features a perforated design that provides flexibility, prevents chattering on the tooth surface, and reduces friction for ease of sliding between teeth.

Are GripStrips disposable?

No, they are not recommended to be disposable. GripStrips are autoclavable and reusable.


1To move GripStrip through the contact, place the uncoated section of the strip at the contact and exert a slight horizontal movement. NOTE: Do not twist, bend or pull strip too tightly or strip may break. For tight contacts, insert a wedge to create a slight separation between the teeth. To break a contact, use Centrix ProxiDiscs® Proximal Separator Discs.

2Using a back and forward movement, first work the more abrasive side of the GripStrip followed by the less abrasive side to shape and smooth the tooth surfaces until desired result is reached. Fine GripStrips should only be used for polishing and stain removal. NOTE: Skipping a grit size may reduce the quality of the final restoration.

3Remove the GripStrip by first positioning the uncoated segment at the contact and then slide out with a vertical movement. NOTE: Do not remove the GripStrip through the contact area using the diamond-coated sides.

4The tabs at the end of each GripStrip enable easy grasping. When space is tight or more control is needed, grasp the GripStrip closer to the midline and use normally.

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