• There is a new
    term in dentistry:
    Dental Couture.

    Achieve highly esthetic restorations, custom to each
    patient. Introducing Applied Diamond Technology
    for Advanced Finishing and Polishing.

  • Diamond Polishers
    Two-step diamond polishers.

    Our Advanced Finishing and Polishing Cups and Points are Highly-loaded
    with ultrafine diamond particles for superior finished surfaces providing more
    life-like reflectance and luster.

  • Luxurious lustre. So gentle on gingiva.
    Diamond Polishing Brushes

    Soft filaments allow brush to adapt to tooth surface structure
    and significantly increase polishing performance compared to other polishing brushes

  • Diamond Polishing Paste

    Any tooth. Any time.
    Amazing Brilliance.

    Fast, one-step final polishing and high gloss shining
    in only 15 seconds to produce an enamel-like finish.

Applied Diamond Technology. Unique Designs. Easy-To-Use.
Superior Results.

Centrix introduces Advanced Finishing and Polishing Solutions with Applied Diamond Technology. Our products incorporate a high percentage of diamond abrasives into the polishing surfaces, resulting in a significant reduction of the micro-roughness of the surface. The benefits for your patient are two-fold: a smoother surface for enhanced esthetics and more life-like reflectance and luster.

Diamond Polishers

A superior gloss effect with minimal surface roughness.

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Diamond Polishing Brushes

Easy, high-gloss polishing, without paste, for smooth esthetic surfaces.

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Diamond Polishing Paste

Fast, high-gloss shine in 15 seconds, producing an enamel-like finish.

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Diamond Finishing & Polishing Kit

Convenient, assorted finishing and polishing kit

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Couture - 1915: (Paris, France)

Designing and making highly esthetic, usually custom-made, fashion; often expensive and time consuming.

Dental Couture - 2015: (Shelton, USA)

Designing and making highly esthetic restorations, custom made for each patient, that are achieved more easily and inexpensively.

Centrix Couture - Finishing Products

Redefining what it means to be unique.